2022 Landcare Conference, Sydney

Connect, Converse, Discover and Celebrate with Global Landcare in Sydney

Global Landcare held our first face to face event Connect, Converse, Discover and Celebrate with Global Landcare where we launched the book
Building Global Sustainability Through Local Self-Reliance: Lessons From Landcare 0n August 22, 2022 in Sydney.

This book has been published by Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) with support from James Cook University.

The launch was streamed live on our Facebook page @globallandcare

The book aims to showcase practical capacity building in action globally – building livelihoods, restoring landscapes, taking practical action on climate change. It contains the papers from the 2017 Nagoya Landcare Conference at Nanzan University in partnership with Australian Landcare International and potently demonstrates community partnership in action. An important element is the tribute to Professor Michael Seigel originally from regional Victoria (a great friend of Global Landcare and instigator of the Nagoya Conference) who believed passionately in subsidiarity and the power of partnerships to build momentum for and achieve change.

Thank you to our launch sponsors
Queensland Water And Land Carers, FutureAg Queensland and New Zealand Landcare Trust.

You can get a copy of the book from https://www.aciar.gov.au/publication/MN219-lessons-landcare

National Landcare Conference Sydney

The National Landcare Conference took place from Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 August, at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney. Learn more here: https://nationallandcareconference.org.au/

We encourage you to access the recorded live streams and speaker presentations that will be published on the Landcarer website after the event (it may take a few days!) here: landcarer.com

Landcare Impact Stream:
Global Landcare Panel

Prof. Andrew Campbell, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) was joined by Dr Mary Johnson, RMIT University; Anne “Shang” Fuentes, University of the Philippines Mindanao; Clinton Muller, RMIT University; Andrea Mason, Global Landcare; and Rob Youl, Global Landcare.

Based on this publication on Wednesday August 24 the GLOBAL LANDCARE PANEL: Building Global Sustainability Through Local Self-Reliance – Lessons From Landcare

Landcare Impact Stream:
Landscape, biodiversity, community resilience, mental and physical health of individuals, economy

Global Landcare Board member Dr Pamela Greet

Big Bang, Small Bucks – Tackling Climate Change Globally On a Tiny Budget

In Australia we have become accustomed to thinking that tackling climate change is an enormously costly exercise, with ever more alarming headlines featuring lots of zeros about what net zero will cost. Through the Australian Landcare International Fund, Global Landcare with its annual program of micro grants up to $A 500, has been able to deliver big dividends with small monetary investment. The leverage is the connection, the collaboration and the community. 

This presentation reviews the genesis of this initiative. We’ll look at some of the practical lessons learned along the way about responding to community driven solutions. We will provide examples to showcase the variety of different solutions that local communities in settings as diverse as the suburban slums of Nairobi, to water conservation in Timor Leste have devised for our support.

Our objective is to show how small amounts of seed funding can germinate and plant ideas allowing little seeds of community action to grow into concrete contributions that are part of a global solution to tackle the challenge of climate change.

Francis Steyn, Global Landcare member from Western Cape South Africa

LandCare Changing the Future of Farming in the Western Cape, South Africa

LandCare is both community based and community led, which is the real secret behind the massive success of this methodology, which has been implemented in the Western Cape over the past 20 years.

Considering climate change and cycles of drought and more intense rainfall, never before has it been more important to prepare better and protect the country’s natural capital.

This presentation will explore the Western Cape’s many success stories, including examples of farmers protecting their water, their soil and their biodiversity while becoming more productive – the cornerstone of LandCare.

It will outline how farming challenges can be transformed into solutions and opportunities and will highlight how, by working together and with partners in government, farmers can find and take the lead in implementing innovative approaches to addressing questions around natural resource and farm management.

To hear from Dr Greet and other incredible speakers at the Conference, register here or join as a virtual delegate for FREE: https://nationallandcareconference.org.au/…/registration/

We are very excited to have been able to facilitate 3 international delegates to the National Landcare Conference in Sydney next week, thanks to the generosity of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR). We would love you to seek them out and share stories!
Global Landcare Board member SOLOMONI Q. NAGAUNAVOU will be joining us for our first face to face event since forming (and COVID!). A Senior Technical Assistant at Ministry of Agriculture, Fiji. He is the National Reporting Officer for United Nations Convention to Combat Dessertification since 2012 and part of the intergovernmental Working Group – Future Strategic framewok of UNCCD. He has worked on many important Ministry of Agriculture initiatives for climate change adaptation and mitigation and better utilization of land. Solo is a member of Fiji’s National Landcare Steering Committee.
Fellow Fijian, ALOESI DAKUIDREKEKTI-HICKES is the Landcare Project Manager at the College of Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry, Fiji National University. Aloesi Dakuidreketi
Global Landcare will play a role in training in Fiji as part of an ACIAR and RMIT research project Landcare – an agricultural extension and community development model at district and national scale in Fiji. GL Board member Clinton Muller is a leader in this project.
Lastly LEO SOARES is from Ermera in Timor-Leste. He is the Agroforestry Technical Adviser & Project Designer for the Institutu Matadalan Integradu-IMI. Leo has been working with IMI for 12 years teaching at some schools and doing research on social and environmental issues. Institutu Matadalan Integradu (IMI)
Global Landcare has supported IMI through its Global Landcare Small Grants Program for projects addressing agroforestry, food security and chickens, and soil conservation.
GL Board members Dr Nick Edgar from New Zealand NZ Landcare Trust and Dr Kazuki Kagohashi from Nanzan University Japan will also attending the conference. Kazuki Kagohashi

Our International Delegates

Darryl Ebenezer GL, Leo Soares Timor-Leste, Solo Nagaunavou GL and Fiji, Lucy Kealey ACIAR, Andrea Mason GL, Aloesi Dakuidrekekti-HIckes Fiji, Cherie Glare ACIAR and Shang Fuentes Fuentes Philippines

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Global Landcare acknowledges and thanks the First Peoples as the traditional custodians of the lands in which we meet, collaborate and work.

We acknowledge elders past, present and emerging in our communities across the globe.

We have supported Landcare and projects around the globe including Germany, Iceland, New Zealand, Tonga, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Fiji, USA, Canada, Jamaica, Japan and 12 African countries.

We draw upon a wide range of expertise through our skilled members, our wider network and our excellent relationships with corporate and government organisations. Become a member or get involved through your company or organisation.

Our Global Landcare Program (GLP) manages The ALI Fund which provides small grants for projects carried out by established and new Landcare groups in developing countries. The program started in 2013 and we have supported projects in many countries to date.